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ongoing: daily: 2019 Data resists the five-act form. Interview with Francis Hunger by Cristina Cochior / Ruben van de Ven. Plotting Data, Website, 18 September 2019 How to Hack Artificial Intelligence. Artistic projects and current research on the (dis)abilities of... continue reading

Essay: Epistemic Harvest – The Electronic Database as Discourse and Means of Data Production (2018)

Full text: The following discussion of computational capital takes the electronic database, an infrastructure for storing in-formation, as vantage point. Following a brief look into how database systems serve in-formation desires, the notion of ‘database as discourse’ by Mark... continue reading

Essay: How to Hack Artificial Intelligence (2018)

Full Text at This essay explores the weaknesses of automated pattern recognition (aka artificial intelligence) and discusses, how artists, scientists and activisits have been able to exploit them, using adversarial patterns. Arguing about human agency in relation to machine agency... continue reading

Essay: Artificial Des-Intelligence (2017)

Full text: or continue reading

Interview: Algorithms are made by humans (2017)

Full Text: The artist Francis Hunger presents his video installation Deep Love Algorithm at the recent exhibition »Mood Swings – On Mood Politics, Sentiment Data, Market Sentiments and Other Sentiment Agencies«. In conversation with curator Sabine Winkler he tells, why... continue reading

Book: Search Routines – Tales of Databases (2015)

Databases pervade our everyday life, they are involved in the individual’s most fundamental activities. Through their near invisibility and resistance to narration they produce subtle forms of collective control and normalization, accompanied by keywords such as: mass surveillance, big data,... continue reading

Catalogue: History has left the building (2012)

  With an essay by Inke Arns, a picture essay by Till Gathmann and Francis Hunger, work descriptions by Fabian Saavedra-Lara, materials by Francis Hunger and photos documenting the exhibition at the Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund. Title: History has left the... continue reading

Book: Setun – An inquiry into the Soviet Ternary Computer. (2008)

Institut für Buchkunst Leipzig, 2007. 200 pages with illustrations, German/ Englisch, ISBN 3-932865-48-0, graphic design by Helmut Voelter, Leipzig | Order here SETUN. An Inquiry to the Soviet Ternary Computer. (Preface and Bibliography) PDF 250 Kb The book compliments my artistic... continue reading

Blog: Not Here No There (2011–2015)

Since June 2010 there is a research project about art dealing with communism, modernism and the last century in form of a blog, called Nothere. It’s a collection of artists and artworks (about 50 at the moment) that fall into this... continue reading

Book: Satellite Border Footprint (2010)

Editorial project by Francis Hunger and Patrick Funk   The editorial project deals with geosynchronous satellites positioned above the Equator in circular orbit around the earth. Because their velocity is analogous to the rotational speed of our planet, they always appear to be... continue reading

Copy Value – Privatised Universal Goods and the Mass Digital Reproduction of Cultural Artefacts.

Full Text EN/DE PDF: Copy Value. Privatised Universal Goods and the Mass Digital Reproduction of Cultural Artefacts This essay discusses the state of copyright and ownership, looking into the historical emergence of copy right, digitization, computing technology and the commodification of... continue reading

Zine: The Sputnik Gazette (2007)

The Sputnik Gazette was integral part of the International Sputnik Day, featuring exclusive interviews regarding the field of satellite technology and media arts. Issue 1 ∫ February 18, 2007 – Introduction Issue 2 ∫ March 15, 2007 – Marko Peljhan Interview Issue... continue reading

Lecture: Wargames – Identity construction of male computer hackers (2005)

Full Text PDF EN: Wargames: Hackers playing – The identity construction of computer hackers discussed along the movie Wargames (1983). lecture, 2005 Full Text PDF DE: Wargames: Hacker spielen – Über die Identitätskonstruktion des Hackers anhand des Films Wargames (1983). Vortrag, 2005 (in German)... continue reading