Gerd Arntz

Factory Inspection, ca. 1930s

Strike, ca. 1930s

Shipyard, from the Isotype series ca. 1930s (from

People, from the Isotype series ca. 1930s (from

Worker with flag, from the Iso-type series ca. 1930s (from

Gerd Arntz (1900-1988) joined as an young artist the collective of Cologne progressive artists, where they read Marxist and Anarchist literature and worked on a Communist visual language. His wood cuts were printed in leftist magazines and later he was invited by Otto Neurath to add the graphical side to the ISO-Type statistical sign language, which he saw as a didactic way to inform the proletarians about their situation. He worked with Neurath in Vienna and later emigrated to the Netherlands, fleeing the upcoming fascism in Austria.

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