Hannes Meyer

Federal School of the Confederation of German trade unions (1928–1930), aerial photo ca. 1930

Natja Catalan, Tibor Weiner, Philipp Tolziner, Konrad Püschel, Margarete Mengel, Lilya Polgar, Anton Urban – members of the „Hannes Meyer architectural group“ in Moscow, mid-1930s


Documentation of the Birobidzhan city planning project in «СССР на стройке», 1933/1934


Laubenganghäuser, 5 buildings for workers built by the Spar- und Baugenossenschaft Dessau (Savings and Building Cooperative Dessau), 1929/1930


Working from 1927 at the Bauhaus Dessau and being director until 1930 Hannes Meyer fostered left-wing discourse at the Bauhaus. After his dismissal he went to the Soviet Union, where he worked in urban planning and architecture along a group of enthusiast migrants. The growing Stalinist pressure forces him to leave Moscow in 1936 and he manages to avoid the fate of his spouse Margarete Mengel (executed in 1938) and fellow migrants like Heinrich Vogeler. Mengel, Vogeler and many other German passport holders wer not able to leave the Soviet Union, since as communists they would have been immediately imprisoned/executed by the Nazis.

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