Holger Wüst

Parkhaus Vaterland, photo montage, digital print on paper, 491 x 1230 cm, 2008


Parkhaus Vaterland. Ein Bild als Film. video, 136 min, 2009


Messianismus und historischer Materialismus, photo montage, digital print on paper, 500 x 2100 cm, 2009


Zekher (Part 2 – The Commodity of Labor), photo montage, digital print on paper, 500 x 2350 cm, 2010

Frankfurt based artist Holger Wüst’s work is heavily influenced by critical theory in the broadest sense, demonstrated by references to Walter Benjamin, Karl Marx and Theodor Adorno (to name the most obvious). His large scale digital print Zekher, for instance, addresses through its subtitle individual labor as commodity and relationship of constrain. „Individual labor is a commodity because it can be sold—given the condition that people are free to make decisions about their own labor. Nevertheless, the people who have no assets are those particularly forced to sell their labor.“ (Antje Krause-Wahl). On a visual level Zekher adds even more references, such as the working contracts that the miners hold in their hands, which have been initially torn up and later pieced back again.

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