Julia Mensch


Rafaels Reise (Fotografien, 2009)



Iskra (Installation, Holzschnitte, Zeitung, 2012)



Iskra-Essay (Installation, Vorträge, soziale Situation, 2014)



ISKRA | Essay über den Gebrauch eines leeren Raums (Installation, Vorträge, soziale Situation, 2014)


Iskra is a three part work by artist Julia Mensch dealing with the newspaper Iskra, founded by Lenin and printed in Leipzig 1901–1903. The first part is an installation about her grandfather Rafael, who in 1973 was traveling from Argentina to the GDR and Soviet Union to learn about their socialist system. Mensch revisited places, which her grandfather originally saw and photographed them again using the same original camera from the same point of view (2009). In a followup-work (2012) she visited the remains of the Iskra Museum in Leipzig and made woodcuts of people who were involved in the production of Iskra at their time. She also published a newspaper on the subject. During her most recent intervention she managed to re-open the space for public display and discussions, before the building will be transformed into a residential building. (2014)

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