Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor

Long live and thrive Capitalism! installation view, Secession, Vienna, 2009


Floor Drawing, installation, 2009 and Poem, 7 min, film, super 8, 2009


Poem, 7 min, film, super 8, 2009


30 December 1926, installation, 2009


In their installation Long live an thrive capitalism! artistsĀ Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor refer to the propaganda posters that every ex-Communist-country-citizen does instantly recognize. While Communism/Socialism in the Eastern countries claimed permanent victory over the „inferior“ capitalism, today the likes of Francis Fukuyama state an end of the history and it happens that Vatamanu and Florin manage to easily denounce both with their poster. The black-red Floor Drawing, which in its colors refers to the idea of anarchism is combined with the film Poem, that shows the production process of the aforementioned poster. 30 December 1926 features a cite from Walter Benjamins essay about his 1926 visit to Moscow where Benjamin tries to understand and describe the post-revolutionary situation in relation to the city.


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