No context without subtitles? The homage to a Chinese female worker on a t-shirt does not have to be agitprop while referring to agitprop.


As I have heard George Grosz once must have said (mutatis mutandis) that one could not go on and on with illustrating statistics if the situation was changed. Isotype may be a model for the pictogrammatical standardisation of numbers and proportions of human life (within capitalism), Gerd Arntz‘ types though will no longer match if exploiters dress like lower classes and man and woman end to be hetero normalised beings for no reason.


Otto Neurath, the isotypical statistician, has been criticised by the International Communists for being a state communist who, together with Rudolf Hilferding, is projecting the capitalistic government and control over production into communism.


The World Factory obviously is a fact, which means, the planning coordination of production and consumption, under conditions of a bloody competition and overproduction of course, is what one calls currently „globalisation“. Question is, with or without Histomat, how its chaotic fields shall be changed communistically.


To build the ism is not schooling only. To be a marxist appears to be the dogmatic turn of a scientific and certainly missionary approach, connected to a name, for orientation towards a fetish of an identificational self-stylising. The label is worn willingly by Marxkillers.


The trained feminist sets his hand on the Critique of Political Economy for his companion.



This contribution by t-shirtz.org was specifically made to comment the nothere blog.

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