Irmielin / Leipzig based artist Francis Hunger / media art, installation, conceptual art, feminism, media history /

Book: Setun – An inquiry into the Soviet Ternary Computer. (2008)

Institut für Buchkunst Leipzig, 2007. 200 pages with illustrations, German/ Englisch, ISBN 3-932865-48-0, graphic design by Helmut Voelter, Leipzig | Order here SETUN. An Inquiry to the Soviet Ternary Computer. (Preface and Bibliography) PDF 250 Kb The book compliments my artistic... continue reading

Copy Value – Privatised Universal Goods and the Mass Digital Reproduction of Cultural Artefacts.

Full Text EN/DE PDF: Copy Value. Privatised Universal Goods and the Mass Digital Reproduction of Cultural Artefacts This essay discusses the state of copyright and ownership, looking into the historical emergence of copy right, digitization, computing technology and the commodification of... continue reading
The Center (2008)

The Center (2008)

sound loop and 3-D animation Cornelia Friederike Müller & Francis Hunger (2008), endless loop     The installation places the viewer directly into the sound layer of New York. One hears the everyday street noise, squeaking car brakes, birds chirping,... continue reading