Irmielin / Leipzig based artist Francis Hunger / media art, installation, conceptual art, feminism, media history /

Essay: Epistemic Harvest – The Electronic Database as Discourse and Means of Data Production (2018)

Full text: The following discussion of computational capital takes the electronic database, an infrastructure for storing in-formation, as vantage point. Following a brief look into how database systems serve in-formation desires, the notion of ‘database as discourse’ by Mark... continue reading
Databody (2018)

Databody (2018)

single channel video, 11:32 min, HD, 2018 On the backdrop of two visits to St. Petersburg/Russia after a period of 20 years the author explores, how his body was transformed to a data body, constantly producing and accessing data. With... continue reading

Essay: How to Hack Artificial Intelligence (2018)

Full Text at This essay explores the weaknesses of automated pattern recognition (aka artificial intelligence) and discusses, how artists, scientists and activisits have been able to exploit them, using adversarial patterns. Arguing about human agency in relation to machine agency... continue reading