Irmielin / Leipzig based artist Francis Hunger / media art, installation, conceptual art, feminism, media history /

Book: Setun – An inquiry into the Soviet Ternary Computer. (2008)

Institut für Buchkunst Leipzig, 2007. 200 pages with illustrations, German/ Englisch, ISBN 3-932865-48-0, graphic design by Helmut Voelter, Leipzig | Order here SETUN. An Inquiry to the Soviet Ternary Computer. (Preface and Bibliography) PDF 250 Kb The book compliments my artistic... continue reading

Zine: The Sputnik Gazette (2007)

The Sputnik Gazette was integral part of the International Sputnik Day, featuring exclusive interviews regarding the field of satellite technology and media arts. Issue 1 ∫ February 18, 2007 – Introduction Issue 2 ∫ March 15, 2007 – Marko Peljhan Interview Issue... continue reading