Curation: House of Mirrors (2022)

House of Mirrors – Artificial Intelligence as phantasmcurated by Inke Arns, Francis Hunger and Marie Lechner The exhibition takes the common clichés about AI as an opportunity to talk about issues such as hidden human labor, algorithmic bias/discrimination, the problem of categorization and classification, and our fantasies about AI. »Enter the hall of mirrors, which… Continue reading Curation: House of Mirrors (2022)

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Video: Artificial Desintelligence – Transmediale (2018)

The talk looks into how AI is basically pattern recognition and how many notions being used around artificial intelligence anthropomorphize the field. It critically discusses enhanced pattern recognition and looks into its uses and limitations. Panel “Biased Futures” with Yuk Hui, Ana Teixeira Pinto, chaired by Jussi Parikka. Feb 4, 2018

Rosebuds – Hidden Stories of Things (2017/18)

The exhibition Rosebuds – Hidden Stories of Things presents personal objects belonging to international artists and thinkers. Whether sim-card, selfie-stick, highschool yearbook, flight jacket, or block-chain wedding cake: The collection narrates media history in the form of an archive of norms, uses, faded dreams, as well as irreversible transformations of humans and technologies. The leading question is… Continue reading Rosebuds – Hidden Stories of Things (2017/18)