Deep Love Algorithm (2013)

Deep Love Algorithm, Projection, 2 towers with framed prints, display with print

Francis Hunger’s ongoing research addresses the history and evolution of databases and their intertwinement with the biopolitics of post-Fordism. In Deep Love Algorithm (2013) this examination takes the form of a story of unrequited love. Jan, a journalist on an amazingly well-paid research commission, invites Margret, a writer, to come along on a road trip to places loosely connected with the “invention” of databases.

Margret looks about twenty-seven, even though she’s already over eighty; she might be a cyborg, and she seems to have participated in social struggles and experiments, something Jan sort of avoids. Together they contemplate all the places they should visit. A collection of sad love songs comments on the many cybernetic roads not taken… (Ekaterina Degot/David Riff)

Idea and Realisation: Francis Hunger, Photography: Sebastian Hühmer, Sound: Cornelia Friederike Müller, Translation: Tom Morrison, Actress: Franziska Leiste, Actor: Torsten Hampel.

Special Thanks to Inke Arns, Elizabeth Gerdemann, Claudia Lindner, Daniel Neumann, Suzanne Treister and those who were involved in the production and realization of this work, especially Ekaterina Degot & David Riff and the outstanding team of the Bergen Assembly.

Commission by the Bergen Assembly 2013.