Choir of dead Space Travellers (2009)

installation The installation is integral part of »The woman who never went into space«, installation (2012). Yves Klein’s blue is full of information, of radio-, TV- and other signals. Malevich’s three-dimensional black contains cosmistic information, Klein’s blue contains information of development. (Dragan Dzivadinov, Interview in: Sputnik Gazette, No. 4, 2007) The images’ deep black front refers… Continue reading Choir of dead Space Travellers (2009)

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History Exhaustion (2009)

installation, radio & antenna, sound, artist book with narration, The Entrepreneur, The Worker, The Student (3 video performances), Stray Area (9 digital prints 40x30cm) The frame and background of this installation is a narration: Three protagonists, representing different parts of society – the entrepreneurship, social criticism and unionized labour, set off on an expedition, after… Continue reading History Exhaustion (2009)

Exhaustion Trilogy (2009)

Three video performances. To be shown together with History Exhaustion, or as single screenings. The Entrepreneur (Capitalism must win), 12 min, 2009 The Worker, 4 min, 2009 The Student, 1 min, 2009