Aerial Prototype (2014)

Aerial – Shortwave Transmitter

shortwave transmitter, sound file, colored wooden construction Aerial consists of a shortwave radio station, emitting a spoken number sequence that potentially can be received worldwide – a number station. The message that I’m sending is encoded and potentially waits to be decoded by those who receive it. During the heights of the cold war a… Continue reading Aerial Prototype (2014)

Ezkapizm (2014)

8 Collages, 40×30 cm, Paper, Digital Prints, 2014 This series of collages, featuring brutalist architecture, proposes to add rocket engines below high rise buildings. This enables as many as possible humans to leave the polluted earth in search for a new home to humankind. The work is a comment on silicon valley’s billionaires space travel… Continue reading Ezkapizm (2014)