Essay: Epistemic Harvest – The Electronic Database as Discourse and Means of Data Production (2018)

Full text: The following discussion of computational capital takes the electronic database, an infrastructure for storing in-formation, as vantage point. Following a brief look into how database systems serve in-formation desires, the notion of ‘database as discourse’ by Mark Poster is explored and further developed. Database as discourse establishes a machinic agency, directed towards… Continue reading Essay: Epistemic Harvest – The Electronic Database as Discourse and Means of Data Production (2018)

Rosebuds – Hidden Stories of Things (2017/18)

The exhibition Rosebuds – Hidden Stories of Things presents personal objects belonging to international artists and thinkers. Whether sim-card, selfie-stick, highschool yearbook, flight jacket, or block-chain wedding cake: The collection narrates media history in the form of an archive of norms, uses, faded dreams, as well as irreversible transformations of humans and technologies. The leading question is… Continue reading Rosebuds – Hidden Stories of Things (2017/18)

Interview: Algorithms are made by humans (2017)

Full Text: Francis Hunger presents his video installation Deep Love Algorithm at the recent exhibition »Mood Swings – On Mood Politics, Sentiment Data, Market Sentiments and Other Sentiment Agencies« in Vienna. In conversation with curator Sabine Winkler he discusses, why we should no longer talk fearfully of algorithms.

Book: Search Routines – Tales of Databases (2015)

Databases pervade our everyday life, they are involved in the individual’s most fundamental activities. Through their near invisibility and resistance to narration they produce subtle forms of collective control and normalization, accompanied by keywords such as: mass surveillance, big data, user generated content, etc. The publication »Search Routines: Tales of Databases« enlarges on the topics… Continue reading Book: Search Routines – Tales of Databases (2015)

Aerial Prototype (2014)

Aerial – Shortwave Transmitter

shortwave transmitter, sound file, colored wooden construction Aerial consists of a shortwave radio station, emitting a spoken number sequence that potentially can be received worldwide – a number station. The message that I’m sending is encoded and potentially waits to be decoded by those who receive it. During the heights of the cold war a… Continue reading Aerial Prototype (2014)

Deep Love Algorithm (2013)

Deep Love Algorithm, Projection, 2 towers with framed prints, display with print

Francis Hunger’s ongoing research addresses the history and evolution of databases and their intertwinement with the biopolitics of post-Fordism. In Deep Love Algorithm (2013) this examination takes the form of a story of unrequited love. Jan, a journalist on an amazingly well-paid research commission, invites Margret, a writer, to come along on a road trip… Continue reading Deep Love Algorithm (2013)

Book: Setun – An inquiry into the Soviet Ternary Computer. (2008)

Institut für Buchkunst Leipzig, 2007. 200 pages with illustrations, German/ Englisch, ISBN 3-932865-48-0, graphic design by Helmut Voelter, Leipzig | Order here SETUN. An Inquiry to the Soviet Ternary Computer. (Preface and Bibliography) PDF 250 Kb The book compliments my artistic research that also turned into an installation an performance. Contents Preface — 14 FRANCIS HUNGERSETUN’s… Continue reading Book: Setun – An inquiry into the Soviet Ternary Computer. (2008)

Book: Satellite Border Footprint (2010)

Editorial project by Francis Hunger and Patrick Funk   The editorial project deals with geosynchronous satellites positioned above the Equator in circular orbit around the earth. Because their velocity is analogous to the rotational speed of our planet, they always appear to be positioned at a fixed point relative to the rotating earth (and therefore called geostationary satellites). The satellites… Continue reading Book: Satellite Border Footprint (2010)

Copy Value – Privatised Universal Goods and the Mass Digital Reproduction of Cultural Artefacts.

Full Text EN/DE PDF: Copy Value. Privatised Universal Goods and the Mass Digital Reproduction of Cultural Artefacts This essay discusses the state of copyright and ownership, looking into the historical emergence of copy right, digitization, computing technology and the commodification of knowledge. This string of thought is intertwined with works by artists who deal with copyright,… Continue reading Copy Value – Privatised Universal Goods and the Mass Digital Reproduction of Cultural Artefacts.

International Sputnik Day (2007)

Installation and collaborative event on Oct. 4, 2007 celebrating the Sputnik launchs’ 50th anniversary. The participants created events in Budapest, Chatillon, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dartington, Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main, Helsinki, Huntsville, Leipzig, Ljubljana, Lisabon, Liverpool, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York City, Porto, Riga, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Seattle, Toronto, Wiesbaden Documentation of the collaborative Event at… Continue reading International Sputnik Day (2007)

The Setun Conspiracy (2005)

installation and performance, book publication Setun. An inquiry into the Soviet ternary computer (2008, book) | Order here Regine Debatty about The Setun Conspiracy The SETUN computer was developed in 1958 by Nikolai P. Brusentsov and his team at the Moscow State University. SETUN is based on ternary logic (-1, 0, 1), which distinguishes it completely from… Continue reading The Setun Conspiracy (2005)

Acoustic.Space.Lab (2001)

RT32 Dish in Irbene – Acoustic Space Lab

At the VIRAC Radiotelescope Observatory near Irbene (Latvia) organized by RIXC, Riga about 30 artists explored the capabilities of the RT-32 dish. I took part in hope to get some real data on real black holes to add to my idea about black holes on the internet (BHOTI). I contributed a text to the Acoustic.Space.Lab… Continue reading Acoustic.Space.Lab (2001)