Semiology of Cyberspace (2004)

Semiology of Cyberspace is a small program written in the language PERL creates a digital, immaterial sculpture, consisting of a structure of folders and subfolders. Each folder contains four subfolders that include the same structure again. Nowadays browsers are able to depict data in 2-D. In 3-D one may imagine how an absolutely symmetric structure is… Continue reading Semiology of Cyberspace (2004)

f0rwardpunk (1999)

F0RWARDPUNK – How to crash a mailserver. Although this text may give the opposite feeling,F0RWARDPUNK ist not high technology. It is based on the lowest internet-tech You can imagine. It could have been realized ten years ago and is open to future as well. It is fully based on ascii and the e-mail-services. On the… Continue reading f0rwardpunk (1999)