TLONM 2019 (html, css, jQuery) online at: The miniature piece alludes to the 2001 book The Language of New Media by Lev Manovich, where he described New Media as being shaped through numerical representation, modularity, automation, variability and cultural transcoding. Hunger takes the books’ title literally and transfers it to the present. What does… Continue reading TLONM 2019

Semiology of Cyberspace (2004)

Semiology of Cyberspace is a small program written in the language PERL creates a digital, immaterial sculpture, consisting of a structure of folders and subfolders. Each folder contains four subfolders that include the same structure again. Nowadays browsers are able to depict data in 2-D. In 3-D one may imagine how an absolutely symmetric structure is… Continue reading Semiology of Cyberspace (2004)

f0rwardpunk (1999)

F0RWARDPUNK – How to crash a mailserver. Although this text may give the opposite feeling,F0RWARDPUNK ist not high technology. It is based on the lowest internet-tech You can imagine. It could have been realized ten years ago and is open to future as well. It is fully based on ascii and the e-mail-services. On the… Continue reading f0rwardpunk (1999)