Book: Satellite Border Footprint (2010)

Editorial project by Francis Hunger and Patrick Funk   The editorial project deals with geosynchronous satellites positioned above the Equator in circular orbit around the earth. Because their velocity is analogous to the rotational speed of our planet, they always appear to be positioned at a fixed point relative to the rotating earth (and therefore called geostationary satellites). The satellites… Continue reading Book: Satellite Border Footprint (2010)

International Sputnik Day (2007)

Installation and collaborative event on Oct. 4, 2007 celebrating the Sputnik launchs’ 50th anniversary. The participants created events in Budapest, Chatillon, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dartington, Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main, Helsinki, Huntsville, Leipzig, Ljubljana, Lisabon, Liverpool, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York City, Porto, Riga, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Seattle, Toronto, Wiesbaden Documentation of the collaborative Event at… Continue reading International Sputnik Day (2007)

Zine: The Sputnik Gazette (2007)

The Sputnik Gazette was integral part of the International Sputnik Day, featuring exclusive interviews regarding the field of satellite technology and media arts. Issue 1 ∫ February 18, 2007 – Introduction Issue 2 ∫ March 15, 2007 – Marko Peljhan Interview Issue 3 ∫ April 15, 2007 – Early History of GPS Issue 4 ∫ May 20, 2007 – Dragan… Continue reading Zine: The Sputnik Gazette (2007)

Acoustic.Space.Lab (2001)

RT32 Dish in Irbene – Acoustic Space Lab

At the VIRAC Radiotelescope Observatory near Irbene (Latvia) organized by RIXC, Riga about 30 artists explored the capabilities of the RT-32 dish. I took part in hope to get some real data on real black holes to add to my idea about black holes on the internet (BHOTI). I contributed a text to the Acoustic.Space.Lab… Continue reading Acoustic.Space.Lab (2001)