Catalogue: History has left the building (2012)

  With an essay by Inke Arns, a picture essay by Till Gathmann and Francis Hunger, work descriptions by Fabian Saavedra-Lara, materials by Francis Hunger and photos documenting the exhibition at the Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund. Title: History has left the Building Editors: Inke Arns, HMKV Graphic design: Till Gathmann, Leipzig With contributions by: Inke Arns,… Continue reading Catalogue: History has left the building (2012)

Tolpa (2012)

installation / two channel video projection, 22 min / one channel video, 10 min / 3 framed silkscreen prints, 40 × 30 cm, 2012 In his installation Tolpa, Francis Hunger edits and comments on different scenes from films by Dziga Vertov, a historical Soviet film director and contemporary of Sergei Eisenstein. Man with a Movie… Continue reading Tolpa (2012)

The women who never went into space (2012)

installation / radio play (directed and produced by Rafael Bies, Thomas Jähn, Choir: Vocalconsort, Leipzig, directed by Gregor Meyer), 52 min / capsule, wood, 230 cm diameter / 19 framed images, front: black velvet, back: cosmonaut and astronaut portraits, 40 × 30 cm, 2009–2012     Francis Hunger‘s radio play The Woman who never flew… Continue reading The women who never went into space (2012)

Blog: Not Here No There (2011–2015)

Since June 2010 there is a research project about art dealing with communism, modernism and the last century in form of a blog, called Nothere. It’s a collection of artists and artworks (about 50 at the moment) that fall into this broad area.