Utopia Generator (2015)

The installation Utopia Generator consists of a diamond-shaped, reflective object, hung from the ceiling, that spins slowly. About 20 slide projectors throw names of actual utopian communities, which existed in North America during 1860 to 1920, onto the object, and the generator reflects them back into the room. Christians, utopian socialists, Fourierists, Hutterites, utopists and… Continue reading Utopia Generator (2015)

Ezkapizm (2014)

8 Collages, 40×30 cm, Paper, Digital Prints, 2014 This series of collages, featuring brutalist architecture, proposes to add rocket engines below high rise buildings. This enables as many as possible humans to leave the polluted earth in search for a new home to humankind. The work is a comment on silicon valley’s billionaires space travel… Continue reading Ezkapizm (2014)

Tolpa (2012)

installation / two channel video projection, 22 min / one channel video, 10 min / 3 framed silkscreen prints, 40 × 30 cm, 2012 In his installation Tolpa, Francis Hunger edits and comments on different scenes from films by Dziga Vertov, a historical Soviet film director and contemporary of Sergei Eisenstein. Man with a Movie… Continue reading Tolpa (2012)