This is the sentence (2020)

single channel HD video, 16:13 min

Francis Hunger’s video “This is the sentence” (2020) deals with the current development of artificial actors such as the voice assistants from Amazon and Apple.

In front of a reddish billowing background, individual words are displayed. In the minds of readers, they are joined into sentences. A dialogue arises from these toneless statements, questions, insinuations and invitations.

One question is: “What voice do you hear when reading this?” Whether human or computer program: the viewer gets the impression that someone is really talking. Am I being observed while I think I’m observing? (Michael Arzt)

Exhibition View at Halle 14, 2020 (c) Walter Le Kon

Funding: Denkzeit Stipendium by Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen