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The International Sputnik Day 2007

A participatory event

On October 4th, 1957 the Soviet Union launched the worlds' first satellite, named Sputnik - companion of the earth. You are invited to participate in a global party to commemorate the advent of the first truly global radio transmitter and the predecessor of many technological developments which benefit humankind.

Why? – Might be found in the Sputik-Gazette which will be produced in 2007 only, or in the Sputnik-Manifesto.

How? – It's up to your imagination. Invite friends for a festive dinner, produce a radio transmission, create a Website using the newest technologies, organize a public commemorating demonstration – all in honor of the Sputnik – and let me know, so it can be collected on this website.

The participants created events in Budapest, Chatillon, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dartington, Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main, Helsinki, Huntsville, Leipzig, Ljubljana, Lisabon, Liverpool, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York City, Porto, Riga, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Seattle, Toronto, Wiesbaden – find the program and documentation here.

contact: sputnik at irmielin.org



Updates for Events related to the Sputnik anniversary, but not necessarily part of the International Sputnik Day, can be found at the Blog (archived version).


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The Sputnik Manifesto

1. Sputnik is a project of modernism, the faith in a progressive future.
2. Sputnik paths on the height of Fordism the way to Post-Fordism.
3. Sputnik was the first global radio transmitter.
4. Sputnik – Thanks to you we enjoy the Internet, the Global Positioning System and the Integrated Circuit!
5. Sputnik is the icon of globalisation.
We, the multitudes of the world, celebrate the 50th anniversary of the heroic Sputnik launch as the advent of globalisation!



The mailinglist was set up to coordinate participants with each other. It is not working any longer.



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