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A fanzine in honor of the Sputnik-Satellite

The Sputnik Gazette will be published irregulary during 2007, containing interviews and texts by artists and scientists regarding the Sputnik Satellite and consequent technologies such as GPS, Internet, Integrated Circuit.

The subscriber receives an email containing a link to a PDF file and is requested to print the PDF file on A4/ Letter-format paper of minimum ten copies. The ten or more paper copies shall be redistributed in your city/ institution. This is called "Leanest Distribution System" (340 Kb, PDF). Electronic forwarding doesn't count as redistribution. About 10 issues of the Sputnik Gazette are planned to be produced in 2007.

The Gazette currently gets distributed at: UMBC/ Baltimore; Capsula/ Barcelona; several places/ Berlin; Tesla/ Berlin; several places in Berlin; several places/ Berlin; Sussex University/ Brighton; Spike Island/ Bristol; several places / Bucharest; several places in Budapest; Intelligentsia Coffee / Chicago; Mildands Technical College / Columbia; Space Community/ Denmark; HMKV/ Dortmund; Technische Universität/ Dresden; University of Dundee/ Edinburgh; Kunstverein Frankfurt am Main, Staedelschule/ Frankfurt am Main; Hochschule für Bildende Kunst / Hamburg; FIXC Co-op & Academy of Fine Arts / Helsinki; Nomad/ Istanbul; several places at Karkkila; University, The Free University, Art Academy in Odense, Artnode/ Copenhagen; friends, colleagues in Paris; Sterrewacht/ Leiden; Halle 14/ Leipzig; Several places in Leipzig; HTWK/ Leipzig, diverse art institutions/ Leipzig; SAAB AB/ Linkoping; Ludwig Boltzmann Institut Medien.Kunst.Forschung/ Linz; Interactive Multimedia Group/ Lisbon; several places/ Liverpool; Intima Virtual Base/ Ljubljana; Imperial College/ London; Experimental Digital Arts Course at Thames Valley University/ London; Design Interactions dept. at Royal College of Art/ London; Goldsmith College/ London; several places in Madrid; AV Festival / Manchester; Autonomedia/ Brooklyn; Atelier Design Group/ New York; Cardium & several places in East Village and Brooklyn/ New York; DeVry University/ Kansas City; several places in Paris; Manchester Drugs Service/ Manchester; Egodoxa/ Saltillo, Coahuila; Leonardo/ San Francisco; several places/ Berlin; UNM/ Santa Fe; Euro Space Society/ Brussels; Ellipse/ Tours; several places in Tucson; several places in Vienna; Wiki-Institut/ Wiesbaden


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The Sputnik Gazette

Issue 1 - February 18, 2007 - Introduction

Issue 2 - March 15, 2007 - Marko Peljhan Interview

Issue 3 - April 15, 2007 - Early History of GPS

Issue 4 - May 20, 2007- Dragan Zivadinov Interview

Issue 5 - July 15, 2007 - Lisa Parks Interview

Issue 6 - October 1, 2007 - Schedule of International Sputnik Day




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