Interviews for Training the Archive (2021–2023)

Training the Archive

Series of expert interviews around Artificial ‘Intelligence’ and visual data conducted by Francis Hunger for Training the Archive

Anna Ridler: From GANs to Stable Diffusion. On artistic collaboration with generative algorithms
Alexa Steinbrück: On the modes of representation of AI and how to teach it.
Mar Hicks: The politics of Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Bias.
Gabriel Pereira: How the image collection ImageNet re-constructs reality.
Elisa Giardina Papa: Emotion and AI. The Myth of Universality,
Transparency, and Truth
Matteo Pasquinelli: Economic and Social Roots of AI
Nick Couldry / Ulisses Mejias: Data Colonialism
Adam Harvey: Face Recognition Datasets
Magda Tyzlik-Carver: Curating Data
Maya Indira Ganesh: Cultural critique and Artificial Intelligence