Book: Search Routines – Tales of Databases (2015)

Databases pervade our everyday life, they are involved in the individual’s most fundamental activities. Through their near invisibility and resistance to narration they produce subtle forms of collective control and normalization, accompanied by keywords such as: mass surveillance, big data, user generated content, etc. The publication »Search Routines: Tales of Databases« enlarges on the topics… Continue reading Book: Search Routines – Tales of Databases (2015)

Utopia Generator (2015)

The installation Utopia Generator consists of a diamond-shaped, reflective object, hung from the ceiling, that spins slowly. About 20 slide projectors throw names of actual utopian communities, which existed in North America during 1860 to 1920, onto the object, and the generator reflects them back into the room. Christians, utopian socialists, Fourierists, Hutterites, utopists and… Continue reading Utopia Generator (2015)

Cast Iron, Brass, Steel (2015)

Calculation Machine Mercedes Euklid 21, 32×19×34cm I first encountered it when I was researching the history of early Soviet spaceflight. It is a semi-mechanical calculating machine that uses electricity to operate the mechanical parts. It is made of cast iron, sheet metal and steel. The Mercedes Euclid 21 was manufactured very close to my hometown,… Continue reading Cast Iron, Brass, Steel (2015)